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LAS VEGAS (March 20, 2021) – It’s the ultimate fusion of sports and entertainment. A post-pandemic business without a pre-pandemic past. The tallest basketball team ever assembled playing around the world challenging the wide array of professional teams on their home court as part of our American Giants Global Basketball Challenge.  New festival settings will be developed and constructed to mashup live professional basketball, world-class music acts, esports, and ring sports.

That’s the vision co-founders Jerry Saperstein, Norb Ecksl, and Laurence Kaiser have for the newest innovation in pro sports, The American Giants Professional Basketball Club (AGPBC), a team of players all 7’0” or taller, which will begin play in 2022.

“We believe the time is right and the world is ready for The American Giants,” explained Jerry Saperstein, the son of Abe Saperstein, the Founder, Owner, and Coach of the Original Harlem Globetrotters and an owner in the early NBA. “As we see it, our world has been forever changed as a result of our collective COVID-19 lockdown experiences…and the sports, media and entertainment industries are no exception.”

“The American Giants are the perfect bridge to crossover sports and music,” stated Kaiser. “As live events such as concerts, festivals and location-based experiential entertainment return to pre-pandemic growth trajectories, we believe this is a golden opportunity to fuse the global interest in basketball with the growing desire for real-world entertainment, interaction and engagement in an increasingly digital world.”

 As Saperstein, Kaiser and Ecksl see it, American Giants basketball will bring the allure of “the big man” on the hardwood to a whole new level, creating a whole new game.

“We believe The American Giants will rewrite basketball game strategies,” stated Ecksl, who owns a resume of success on both the major and minor league levels of professional sports. “The American Giants will play serious and competitive basketball against the best competition on the planet while forcing opposing teams to deal with not one, not two, but five seven-footers every second of every game.”

 The founders also envision The American Giants as filling the voracious appetites for international basketball fans as well as online gamers seeking a unique and fun American pro basketball experience, but without access to live American pro basketball games in their home countries.

“Our three-pronged American Giants business philosophy includes live appearances, media and gaming, and licensing and merchandising,” explained Kaiser.  “Our strategy involves a deeper brand engagement through gaming by launching a premium App and creating a gaming product, along with a full line of specialty merchandise.”

As the cornerstone of our global digital strategy…our philosophies of operations will amplify our reach and give fans a chance to play with our brand, drive on-site engagement from off-site engagement and build the unique and desired American Giants brand.

As new and previously untapped income streams become available from businesses to fans worldwide, growth will come rapidly in an ever-changing global community.  American cultural influence has created an international demand for professional basketball, basketball culture and basketball-centric entertainment which has spread globally. The American Giants will fill the need for this demand in today’s post-pandemic environment.

The Founders believe there is no better time than now to launch an innovative, entertainment-driven, ambassador brand which connects fans to the proven, in-person, live experience.

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